( Elephant Camp/Bird Waching )

Yangon- Phoekyar-Yangon

Additional Tour Program

This ecotourism tour  program for additional trip that about 204 miles From Yangon to Swar Township by car. Visitors used to tour program is just night trip from (2) nights (3) days to (3) nights(4)days.Therefore should spend at least (2) nights or (3)nights  trip if you have time on length stay in Myanmar.



elephant01It was situated in the large forest (jungle) of Thargara of Yetarshay Township . Trip is It  is (10) miles( 2) furlong from Thargara then Thargara to Phoekyar Camp is (10) miles all seasons by car. In the area of Swar forest reserve on the bank of Thaing creek.

Phoekyar  Forest Camp(Resort)  is as the ideal eco-tourism spot being having a special privilege of occupying a prime location, a little forest bordering   with a stream running in zigzag way within the area and providing an abundance of water supply for local settlement and elephants bathing. And having a more than 150 years old teak and other commercial trees species within the camp is a credit for our clients. In and around the camp fragrance of the seasonal flowering trees and wild orchids, the humming and chit-chatting of birds.

elephant02Can visit  to mahout’s (elephant trainer)  huts at the elephant village and see how instincts, language and inborn tendency between elephants and mahouts are linked and related. You are welcome to explore the atmosphere of the newly emergence of our Phoekyar Forest Camp   where you could experience the service and hospitality that are well beyond your expectations.

Excurse to atmospheres of forest and soft hiking short trekking (mountaineering) in the forest, observation  elephants tame nature,elephant riding around the camp and wildlife( Elephant ,Gaur,Banteng,Barking deer, Wild boar,Hare Wild cat,GreenPeafowl,Ruddysheld duck , Butterflies, Moths, Snakes, Monitar lizard ,Ground lizard, Grass lizard and Chameleon etc...)

Day(1) Yangon- PhoekyarCamp (B,L,D)

bullet goelephant03In morning come pick up at hotel after breakfast.
bullet goDrive to PhoekyarCamp  by good condition vehicle.
bullet goStop and give time for a taking pictures of highlights on the way thoroughfare.
bullet goLunch at a restaurant on the way.
bullet goOn depend arrival hotel check in and take a rest an hour then short walk into forest   and excurse around the camp by foot.
bullet goDinner and overnight in Phoekyar  camp.

Day(2) Phoekyar Camp

bullet goelephant04Traditionally local breakfast.
bullet goThen begin jungle trekking and will observe following;

  1. Elephant taking shower in the stream and creek.
  2. Ride on saddle of elephant look around.

bullet goThen arrange lunch at Camp and take a  relax a few hours.
bullet goIn the evening will trek to the other elephant camp again.
bullet goExperience below;

  1. Touch oozing clay elephant trainers and trainees and  their way of lives.

bullet goBack to camp.Overnight at Phoekyar Camp.

Day(3) PhoekyarCamp(B,L,D)

bullet goelephant05Having breakfast.
bullet goStart trek into forest and will see following;

  1. Ride on saddle of elephant look around and take a feel forest atmosphere different route

bullet goThen arrange lunch at Camp local meats and vegetables .
bullet goTake a  relax a few hours.
bullet goIn the evening we will trek to another elephant camp .
bullet goExperience below;

  1. Elephants walking on the Square Teak Beam in a field.

bullet goBack to hotel in the camp.Dinner and overnight at camp.

Day(4) Phoekyar Camp-Yangon

bullet goAfter  breakfast with local  dishes
bullet goPrepare  properties and gather  in same time  back to Yangon.
bullet goDrive back  to Yangon.
bullet goLunch at  a restaurant on the way.
bullet goArrive to  Yangon in the evening and send to hotel.
bullet goOvernight in Yangon.