All of bookings are reliability and freedom from services error and any misunderstanding. Please just do thoroughly to company.


50% of the package tour amount after did confirmation it must be deposit due in  (30) days or one month prior before from confirmed day to before your arrival day need to send mail, fax ( transfer to -

Myanmar Foreign Trade Bank (MFTB):
80-86, Mahabandoola Garden Street,
Yangon, Myanmar
Bank Account Number(______________) Of Good To Go Travels &Tours Co..,Ltd,Yangon,Myanmar.

All of tour booking rules and regulations after (50)% had transferred into bank account is preferable.


You might do cancellation effect upon the day of receipt of your written cancellation announcement by e-mail or fax. We will charge cancellation fees are as follows:

•    After deposit 50% of tour costs that to be happened cancellation cause of a circumstance before (3) days no custom refund but 200 US$ for services fees and reduction fees of money transfer back.
•    (21) days   before arrival  may reduction 30 % of the total tour cost.
•    (7) days   to (4) days before arrival may reduction  50 % of the total tour cost.
•    (7) days below  (no  show)(not refund back)  that must  100 % of the total tour cost.

Notes :  Cancellation fees may stand occasionally else hotel’s, transport's that as Terms and Conditions.


Good To Go Travels & Tours Co..,Ltd ,Yangon,Myanmar’s arrangement   as authorized agent for the passenger in regard to travel whether by train , coach ,car, boat, flight  or any other mean of transport.

Meanwhile on tour we will manage to be safety; security and comfort but sometime would be  injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity at that time we will solve that inconvenience until be the best for you.

We will accept and undertake even for any reason and neglect  acts or omission on the part of the organizations or individuals providing or engaged in transportation, accommodations or other services relative to the execution of the tour or through natural calamities and other factors beyond their control.

Whatever we will always do fully attention to serve hospitably the original tour program both itineraries and arrangements until end of trip.


We will not give refund after commencement of travel  in full but will be given for services included in the program and not utilized by the clients.

We will be subject on hotel cancellation made in a week or less one night hotel charge. No show will be at 100% of the total invoice of hotel.

We will be made before in a week and less than it domestic air cancellation would  be paid 50% of the total invoice, No show will be at 100% of the total invoice.


We will be charged (50%) of adult fare or the children under (12) years old sharing room with parent . Infant  (2) years and younger will be charged (20%) of adult fare  for Airline.


We will be provided one complementary to your leader exceeding is full paying members in a single group depending on conditions.


We will provide accommodations as indicated and facilities such as private bath room shower, air conditioning system, hot and cold water,  the best  facilities. Almost hotels are provided at Five, Four and Three Star level accommodation in all destinations. Room charges are  based on two persons (Double{Twin or Double Beds}) sharing a room and one person(Single) private room any way can call separate single room is on requirement or demand.


We will proceed generally; breakfast is served at hotels .Let we know you what types of plan of hotel when you arrive to Myanmar. We will  indicated tour class and tour cost what will we do but we can say must be enjoy with any meal and food inside of hotel or outside of hotels don’t need to hesitate in cases of Royal Yangon Tourism Company Limited.


We let know this round trip transfers between airports, railway department, piers, port and hotels by coach, mini bus, limousine services are included as indicated. Full time ground transport covering coaches, mini bus or car between one major tour spots to another.

Good To Go Travels &Tours Co..,Ltd ,Yangon,Myanmar., utilize vehicles equipped with air conditioned system. However, when we pass through to bad  road air conditioned and poor quality gas, the system may not function property sometimes, fun same areas, where facilities do not exit we will provide with the best available.