Ngapali Beach

ngapaliNgapali Beach is a beach located 7 kilometres (4 mi) from the town of Thandwe (Sandoway), in Rakhine State, Myanmar. It is the most famous beach in Myanmar and is a popular tourist destination. Ngpali Beach is the most beautiful beach of Southeast Asia.The beach stretches for 3 km (2 mi) and overlooks the Indian Ocean. The name "Ngapali", has no meaning in Burmese, but comes from the Italian "Napoli" (the city of Naples).

Ngapali Beach has been promoted as a major tourist destination in Myanmar. Several resorts and hotels are located in Ngapali and the beach is served by Thandwe Airport.

A beach is a landform along the coast of an ocean, sea, lake, or river. It usually consists of loose particles, which are often composed of rock, such as sand, gravel, shingle, pebbles, or cobblestones. The particles comprising a beach are occasionally biological in origin, such as mollusk shells or coralline algae.


ngwesaungNgwesaung  is a beach resort located 48 km west of Pathein, Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar. The beach is 5 hours' drive away from the principal city of Yangon, and an airport is in the works. Opened in March 2000,Ngwe Saung is newer than nearby and more popular Chaungtha Beach, and is designed to attract people with larger holiday budgets.

An unspoilt 15 kilometres (9.3 meter) stretch of silvery sand and modern amenities have made Ngwesaung a popular destination for less budget conscious tourists from Lower Myanmar. Still Ngwesaung has much to develop. Its choices for nightlife activities remain paltry, even by local standards. Chaungtha and Ngapali beaches have greater choices of nighttime activities. At this point, a nearby elephant training camp is a main daytime attraction at Ngwesaung.   


chaunghtarChaungtha is a village and beach resort located in Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar. Chaungtha Beach, as it is more commonly known, is about 4/5 hours' drive away from Yangon, and is a popular resort  busy time especially with local travelers from October to April.As it is relatively more affordable than the nearby Ngwesaung and Ngapali beaches, Chaungtha is also more crowded and less cleanly than the two more expensive and better maintained beaches. Chaungtha is renowned for its fresh and reasonably priced seafood. Nearby fishing villages and tidal mangrove forests are also popular among the tourists.


setseSetse is a beach resort on the Gulf of Martaban of the Andaman Sea in Thanbyuzayat Township, of Mon State, in southern Myanmar).The beach itself is composed of brown sand, is quite wide and long, but the water is often muddy when currents bring down silt from the Salween river which enters the Gulf of Martaban just to the north. Setse has been a resort since the 19th century, and still remains popular.In the day one of hotel appear on beach that is comfortable for travelers other thing water is not so clear and salty than other beaches.

Site of a War Cemetery and the Death Railway Museum, commemorating those POWs and Internees who died constructing the Burma-Siam Railway as slave labour during the Japanese occupation in WWII.


maungmaganMaungmagan  is a village and beach located approximately 12 kilometers north-west of  Dawei, the capital of Taninthayi Division.It is the second oldest beach locale established in Myanmar after Ngapali.

It is situated in Dawei (in Myanmar)Thawai,(in Mon) alias pronounced formerly known as Tavoy(in British period)), is a city in southeastern Myanmar and capital of Tanintharyi Region, formerly Tenasserim Division, about 614.3 km (381.7 mi) south of Yangon on the northern bank of the Dawei River.

It is at 14.09°N 98.20°E and  Dawei is a port at the head of the Dawei River estuary, 30 km (18.6 mi). from the Andaman Sea. As a result the city is prone to flooding during the monsoon season. "Dawei" is also the name of one of Myanmar's 135 ethnic minorities.